Freedom Auto Sales - Your  Kingman Used Car Dealers!

Best of the Kingman Used Car Dealerships!

We are the best of the Kingman used car dealerships and that's not just a slogan, but fact!  We've been here longer, sold more cars, trucks and SUV's, with  thousands of satisfied customers to prove it and today's the perfect day for YOU to experience the Freedom Auto Sales difference.  With two large (combined, the largest in all of Northern AZ...That's right, the largest:) used car dealerships in Mohave county we are proud to say that we can not only work with you if you have bad credit, but can guarantee your credit approval. 

It's not so much that we are that darn good...he-hmmm...well, maybe we are, but ultimately we just know how to respect our customers and how to get the tough, even the toughest, deals done and ultimately approved for an auto loan.  This means that with good credit we can get you rates as low as 2.99% and with bad credit, yes, even with the most extreme bad credit, you or we can imagine, we can get your credit approved to buy a car!

We don't take those words lightly and want our customers to know that if you are looking for a Kingman used car dealership, then we are here to offer a solution to your problem.  Many used car dealers say they can help, but in reality can't...Quite frankly, they are not equipped to help you get into a used car, truck or SUV. 

We brag, but not because we are cocky, simply because we have mastered the art of bad credit auto loans along with our car buying principles.  We not only look for inexpensive cars, trucks and Suv's (to keep your payments low), but we have dedicated buyers that take our well defined, excellent vehicles "only" car buying process seriously, but take the time to find excellent used vehicles that will arrive to our lot with very limited problems to solve.  We strive for your satisfaction, with a policy of under promising and OVER delivering...

We've rambled long enough here, but straight to the point...If you've been rejected by other Kingman used car dealers, then it's time you've found Freedom, because where others dealers say no, we say yes.  Today's the day, you're the one and Freedom Auto Salesof Kingman is the place!  Don't hesitate any longer, get on the phone, fill out our no obligation, 90 second credit application or stop on by in person and see how easy it is to get on the road with your "new" vehicle.  We welcome the opportunity to serve you at Freedom Auto Sales in Kingman, AZ!